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Blog #12: WordCloud

You may see this as just a jumble of words in the shape of a Facebook avatar, but these are actually song lyrics, more specifically “WHY” by American rapper NF. These words are some of the lyrics that I personally resonate with on a personal level. The lyrics I used were the two main choruses from the song. The biggest word in the wordcloud is “Why”, because he uses that word a lot in the song. In this song, he questions the meaning of his life, whether it is defined by the success of his music, the people he connects with, the fame, or various other means of life. I relate to this, as I also try to find out what defines my life.

I enjoyed using this word cloud to see what pops up the most. I think this is a good thing to use not only on song lyrics, but on your own vocabulary as well. I can see how doing this can show and teach oneself about what words they use on a daily basis and how it can vaguely show one’s personality through their words. Even with these song lyrics, I can see what kind of message NF is relaying to his audience.

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