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Blog #5: Googled My Name and What Did I Find??

If other people were to google the name “Patrick Kim”, they will most likely not get me in their search results. Since both “Patrick” and “Kim” are common names, the google search will probably be filled with other asian men with the same name. But if someone were to find me on google, they would either find my Facebook or Instagram profile. My Facebook profile is a thumbnail of a video of me doing a flip and my Instagram profile picture is just a headshot of me. The only other thing that someone might find is my SoundCloud profile; I make music and put it on a platform for others to view/stream. Other than that I can’t really see what else people would find about me if they searched me on google, especially if it is someone that has no relation to me. I never really saw myself as someone that people would want to learn about. Yes, everyone is unique and special, but I never really applied that to myself. To me, I’m just another asian college student and that’s it, nothing more and nothing less. The fact that my name itself is not unique either doesn’t help. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when you search “Patrick Kim” on Google:

As you can see, I was pretty much right. Nothing related to me is in the search results. Even the images given are of other middle-age asian men, but not me. Like I said, someone with no relation to me would get a result without me in it (this search was done on an incognito page so cookies and previous web history does not play a factor). As I did this little experiment, I had some questions in the back of my mind: “How do I want to be perceived by others in the future? If someone were to find me on Google in around five years, what would they see?” I always had thoughts about this but never took the time to think about it. All my life I wanted to be a well-known music producer and have opportunities to collaborate with other big artists in genres like electronic music and hip hop. This is something I would consider an impractical future for me, but it’s something that I think about. In five years, I would consider myself a success if I use my knowledge to work for a company. Right now I am in college trying to major in computer science, so I want to use that to work for a company that is on the lookout for someone with a background in coding. I want to be able to find a stable job and support not only myself, but my mom and sister as well.

I was thinking of all of this just from typing my name in Google. I think everyone should try googling themselves just to see what comes up, see if it matches what you were thinking. It’s fun to see what the world thinks when they see just your name and nothing else. So tell me, what would you find if you googled yourself?

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