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Blog #6: Is Technology Ruining Our Body?!?!

Everywhere you look, there is some form of technology. Almost everyone has a smartphone, either listening to music or checking their news feed. In New York, there are enormous screens advertising the hottest product or show.  Students are always on their laptops, whether it be for school or to watch Netflix. With all of this around us, one must ask, is having all this technology even good for us?

In the article “Technology’s Effect on Our Health: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, Bekah Wittens writes about the negative effects that technology can inflict on the human body. Wittens touches on one of the most common side effects of using technology: eye strains. One can suffer from digital eye strain after two or more hours of screen use. These physical discomforts, however, don’t just end at the eyes. As Wittens said, ” Some worry that digital eye strain may also affect your head, neck, and shoulders, depending on your posture as you use different devices”(Witten, 2018).

Although there are negative side effects of using technology, there is no doubt that technology has also benefitted our lives. There are many health and fitness apps for smart phones that track everything for the person, from their heart rate to the number of steps they took during the day. These can help people know what they are doing and lead them into a healthier lifestyle. Technology has also been beneficial in the medical field. With the advancement of technology we have today, we are able to 3D print tissues for surgery and implement virtual/augmented reality into training future doctors/surgeons.

There are two sides to every story. With technology, its no different. Yes, there are major side effects to using technology on an everyday basis, with physical strains and poor eyesights, but one must also look at the good that technology has done for us. If we did not have the technology we have today, who knows how our medical field would be up to date.

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  • Renee Levine

    It is extremely interesting to read about the health risks that come with technology because we never truly consider any negative effects of technology on our daily lives. We praise and worship our devices believing they are the all-seeing, all-knowing utilities that solely benefit our existence. However, it is interesting to discover that this is not necessarily the case. We compromise our eyes, our necks, our backs, for the sake of longer texts, detailed essays, Instagram and Facebook posts, and overall connectivity. Ultimately, regardless of these health risks, I believe that people will still use their devices to the same degree as having this awareness. We need our technological utilities for our everyday lives. It’s a matter of creating new technology that will help us with the negative health defects because we are not going to use technology any less.

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